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About "GOSSE" L.L.C.

"GOSSE" L.L.C. is engaged in the worldwide exploration and trading of crude oil and natural gas, marketing and transportation of petroleum products. Headquartered in Moscow, Russian Federation, "GOSSE" L.L.C. is among the leading energy industry players, applying innovative technologies to discover valuable energy resources and deliver the highest quality products to the marketplace. With operations that embrace two continents, "GOSSE" L.L.C. strives to be the company of choice for investors, partners, customers, neighbors and employees in the areas in which we do business.

Our Vision and Strategy

At "GOSSE" L.L.C., our vision is to be recognized as a pacesetter in creating sustainable value growth through innovative energy solutions and unique partnerships. To realize this vision, we are applying a differentiated business model that takes us beyond a conventional integrated oil business.

By adding an integrated gas component to a strong exploration and production business, and a best-in-class retail, refining and marketing segment, we have gained access to a new opportunities that differentiates us from the competition. Integrated gas will provide a third-income stream disconnected from the volatility of upstream commodity prices and downstream margins, adding greater stability and balance to our portfolio.

In implementing this new business model we aim to use our size to an advantage—linking our technical strength, commercial skills and international stature with the speed and agility of a small enterprise and a willingness to do things differently.