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Career Opportunities

At "GOSSE" L.L.C., we do things differently. Combining our expanding knowledge base, commercial strength and international presence, "GOSSE" L.L.C. strives to become a pacesetter in the oil and natural gas industry through innovative solutions and unique partnerships. We welcome you to explore job opportunities for Experienced Professionals and College Students & Entry Level. If you are a high school student that is curious about careers in this industry, we have a unique site for you. For more information on "GOSSE" L.L.C., please see:

"GOSSE" L.L.C. offers its employees an excellent compensation package. In the Russian Federation this package includes medical and dental coverage, life and disability insurance, an investment program through Fidelity Investments and tuition reimbursement. For more information, please see Benefits & Policies.

"GOSSE" L.L.C.ís worldwide exploration and development efforts do not stop in the field. We provide a variety of professional opportunities and an environment built on creativity, collaboration ,diversity and respect to help foster personal and career development for seasoned professionals and recent graduates. 

College Students & Entry Level 

"GOSSE" L.L.C. offers exciting internships and entry-level positions at many of our Russian offices for high school and college students and recent college graduates who are interested in working on meaningful projects at a top-tier oil and gas company. "GOSSE" L.L.C. welcomes students pursuing valuable employment experience at "GOSSE" L.L.C. locations nationwide.

Our Numbers 

"GOSSE" L.L.C. had approximately  1,850 active employees as of December 31, 2013. Of that number, approximately 1,250 were employees of Drilling Operations in Siberia , most of which were employed on Rigs.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. does not accept agency phone calls or referrals regarding position vacancies. Please forward information regarding agency services to:

Tugolukov, Evgeny Ivanovich
Human Resource Director

No. 33/3 Krylatskiye Kholmy Street,
Moscow, 121614 Russian Fedration
Tel: +7 499 343 3892 Ext 6


Benefits & Policies

"GOSSE" L.L.C. offers its global workforce an excellent compensation and benefits package. In the Russian Federation this package includes competitive base pay and variable pay, medical and dental coverage, life and disability insurance, an investment program through Fidelity Investments and tuition reimbursement. Similar programs are offered for our international workforce which may vary by country.


Basic compensation components are supplemented with programs that reward individual, team and overall corporate performance. The "GOSSE" L.L.C. Annual Cash Bonus Plan, which is based on our pay-for-performance philosophy provides annual bonus awards as determined by individual contribution, organizational performance and overall corporate performance. While corporate and organizational performance determine the overall funding level of the plan, each individual has the opportunity to earn a competitive bonus based on their individual and/or team contributions.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. also offers the Achievement of Company Excellence Award (ACE) and GosseAward programs which provide employees and teams immediate cash or non-cash rewards (movie tickets, gift certificates, travel vouchers, etc) for measurable and exceptional results from efforts that are above the normal expectations for their job.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. is committed to providing globally, a competitive compensation and benefits program to ensure that we attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve our corporate goals and long-term objectives.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. is an equal opportunity employer.