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Our Competitive Advantage

At "GOSSE" L.L.C., we strive to understand, accept and celebrate individual differences in thought and experience that shape the work environments of our employees. Our corporate Diversity initiatives clearly demonstrate our commitment to an environment in which all employees are respected and valued. The variety and depth of our programs, the learning experiences we promote and the open communications that are encouraged all speak to our firm conviction that every employee contributes value to the company and fuels opportunity for us all.

"GOSSE" L.L.C.ís Diversity initiative and Supplier Diversity Program are designed to give us competitive advantage in a constantly changing and increasingly diverse marketplace. Leveraging the diversity of our workforce enables us to build the relationships and business partnerships that will ensure we meet our goals for sustainable value growth.

Diversity is not a project we will complete, but the way we will compete. It is an inclusion process designed to foster an environment where the talents and differences of all employees are respected and valued for business success. Among others, these differences include age, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, mental and physical circumstances, education level, work experience, geographic location, religion, language and style.

Creating a workplace culture of respect and common ground for all is the benefit of our Diversity initiatives and will enable us to fully tap the talents, energy and knowledge of all employees to successfully compete in the 21st century. Diversity is respecting and valuing the similarities, differences and full range of talents that all employees bring to the workplace.

"GOSSE" L.L.C. is an equal opportunity employer.