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Ethics & Integrity

"GOSSE" L.L.C. is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and principles throughout our operations worldwide, both in letter and in spirit. Our Code of Business Conduct is a product of our commitment to comply with the law and to conduct our business ethically while reinforcing our values of trust, respect, dignity and honesty, which form the foundation for good business decisions. In the ever-changing business environment in which we operate, it is important to us that our employees, suppliers and stakeholders understand our position regarding ethical business conduct.

"GOSSE" L.L.C.’s Business Integrity Office is responsible for developing and implementing the Ethics Program for "GOSSE" L.L.C. This team also is charged with the administration of the Company’s Integrity Helpline—a valuable resource and platform for issue discussion and advice regarding ethics and behavior in the workplace, as well as a resource for reporting suspected illegal or unethical activity.

"GOSSE" L.L.C.’s Policy for Whistleblowing Procedures establishes procedures for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received by the Company regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters, and the confidential, anonymous submission by employees of the Company of concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters.