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Our History

Since 2005, "GOSSE" L.L.C. has been making energy history. The following is a timeline tracking our company’s growth and evolution as a leader in worldwide energy innovations.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. is incorporated to trade in Crude Oil and its By Products by Dibrov, Oleg Yevgenyevich and his wife Svetlana.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. gets funding from Bank Rossiya to initiate its first SPOT transaction.

2007 - 2008

"GOSSE" L.L.C. completes negotions on the first long term transaction for sale of Deisel Gas Oil.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. opens up an off-shore sister company to deal with international transactions.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. signs a Joint Venture with "PETROKAZAKHSTAN".


"GOSSE" L.L.C. endorses the first long term transaction of delivering Mazut to China.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. aquires first Oil Well in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.


"GOSSE" L.L.C. starts Crude Refining with the Help of reknown Refineries in Russia.