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Progressive upstream technology has contributed to "GOSSE" L.L.C’s success for more than a decade, with expertise in every aspect of the oil and gas industry. Our engineering and geo-science professionals apply advantaged technologies from the earliest stages of resource capture to the final phases of project development and execution. Specialists from "GOSSE" L.L.C’s Technology Group are key members of our worldwide integrated oil and gas teams, and identify opportunities where advantaged technologies not only add value but maximize cost-efficiencies.

One area where "GOSSE" L.L.C has developed leading-edge, differentiating technology is in the field of Drilling and Completion. Building on our ability to drill and complete wells in the most rugged operating conditions, our engineers have invented and patented numerous innovative drilling and completion technologies with substantial operating potential.

We license these technologies to qualified manufacturers and service providers, sharing the value of our innovative solutions and ensuring these field-proven technologies continue to evolve. Our experts are pleased to discuss advances related to drilling and completion and other technologies including gas utilization. Our Technology Group is located at "GOSSE" L.L.C corporate headquarters in Moscow, Russian Federation.

StimGun™ overcomes formation damage created during perforation. The StimGun™ assembly used in the Mara-Stim SM  process employs a cylindrical sleeve of gas-generating propellant that is simply slid in place over the outside of conventional perforating guns. It can be run on wireline or in a tubing conveyed configuration. The propellant sleeve is ignited by the perforating charge and as the propellant sleeve burns, energetic gases are released sending a high pressure shock waves through the casing and into the formation. This method of perforating does not crush the formation rock, therefore reducing formation damage. For more information, please contact us at .

EXcape SM Completion Process provides customized independent stimulation of multiple pay zones resulting in substantial time- and cost-savings. The EXcapeSM Completion Process is a method of independently completing multiple zones by placing external perforating systems and integral isolation valves on the tubular string. All intervals of the well can then be optimally completed and stimulated without internal intervention into the well. For more information, please contact us at .

MaraSplit SM  allows multiple-well drilling from one location, saving time, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental footprints. "GOSSE" L.L.C has jointly developed innovative technology for multilateral wells that have mechanical and hydraulic integrity at the junction between the main wellbore and the laterals. Four distinct product lines have been developed: Downhole Splitter™, Deepset Splitter™, FORMation Junction™, and Stackable Splitter™. Environmental footprints are significantly reduced when compared to conventional wells that this technology eliminates. All four systems use conventional drilling and cementing techniques in well construction and completion. For more information, please contact us at .

In-Depth™ aims to provide precise depth correlation without the need to run correlation logs on electric line. "GOSSE" L.L.C is a part owner of In-Depth, Inc., a venture focused on improving depth correlation and inventory control in the oil and gas industry. The primary focus of this collaboration is the use of radio frequency identification tags (RFID) to give identification codes to downhole devices. Each item has a unique tag number. By cross-referencing the unique number to the open-hole logs, each casing collar has a known open hole depth. Subsequent well operations can be conducted without having to run correlation logs. Many operations can then be conducted with the use of downhole-memory tools on slickline. For more information, please contact us at

In a clever reversal of the EXcapeSM Completion Process, an outside reader device is actuated by this technology when the specific RFID code passes the downhole device. This method is known as EXcapeSM Express and reduces the amount of equipment used in the EXcapeSM Completion Process.